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Dr. Victoria J. Gray

Dr.Victoria Gray is the President and Founder of Victoria Gray Ministries Inc. and Women With Destiny Outreach International Inc. God has divinely chosen, appointed, anointed, and sent forth his servant Victoria J. Gray; to fulfill his plan and purpose for her life.


Victoria has served as Pastor, Prophet, Teacher and Administrator, beside her husband, Bishop Elijah Gray III; Senior Pastor, Founder, and Apostle of Harvest Time Outreach Ministries Church. She received her Doctorate in Theology from the North Carolina College of Theology; she is a Licensed Cosmetologist, the Owner and CEO of Ma'Dejala Vee's Boutique LLC, and is currently working on her A.S. in Business.  She recently released her first book entitled, "What Was In The Cup?"


Victoria has been preaching the gospel of Christ for twenty-seven years and have been serving in ministry beside her husband Bishop Elijah Gray III for twenty -nine  years.


Victoria'’s husband of more than thirty-nine years covers her with his love, support, and devotion; he is committed to assisting her with whatever she needs to fulfill the call that God has placed on her life.  She has served the National Women Department of HGAAA for four years, as the President of the Women in the Southern District of Higher Ground Abounding Assemblies Inc. where Bishop Howard E. Franklin is the District Bishop, Dr. Sherman Watkins is the presiding Bishop and Founder, Bishop T.D. Jakes is the Vice Prelate, and Bishop Glen Staples is 2nd Vice-Prelate. In the 2015 National Convention, Dr. Gray was appointed and promoted to National Women's Department President by Bishop Sherman Watkins and given the task to take things to the Next Level.

In 2018, Dr. Victoria Gray established, Harvest World College of Theology, a fully accredited college of Theology through the North Carolina College of Theology. She also birthed F.O.R.C.E. Ministries, an outreach ministry used to spread the Love of Jesus Christ and empower believers to walk into their God ordained destiny.

Through F.O.R.C.E. Ministries, Dr Gray has established a Community Service Room that offers recipients a full head-to-toe makeover & Photoshoot, A Homeless Outreach that provides blankets, clothing, food and other needed items, and more recently The Silver Elite Club, a, elderly care ministry that gives senior citizens a place to be ministered to and fellowship with other seniors their age group giving them a sense of belonging.


Dr.Victoria Gray has touched, changed, and challenged the lives of her family and countless thousands by the glory she wears.  Dr.Victoria continues to exercise her gifts at conferences all over the nation.  She is a apostolic/prophetic voice and mouthpiece that God is using in this day and time to deliver a simplistic message concerning healing and deliverance through demonstration and power. Victoria is a born again believer who is Saved, Sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit and sealed unto the day of redemption, she has vowed to preach an uncompromising truth of Jesus, His death, burial and resurrection.


Dr.Victoria, and Bishop Elijah, has three children, Minister Maurice (Latasha) Gray, Minister Marquis (Sherika) Gray, and Pastor LaMeia Acklin, and they have six grandchildren; Maurice Jael, Jaliyah Amari, Jada Shaddai, Destiny MaLeia, Alayna Mashay and Marquis II.

Victoria’s family along with her church family and friends recognize the gift that God has placed within her, therefore they show there support with prayers, love, and encouraging words.

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